Amber Hill Golf Course

Outstanding characteristics

The Amber Hill golf course maximizes the natural hillside terrain by strategically incorporating bunkers and water hazards, resulting in a diverse range of fairways that elicit different emotions from golfers.

Each green and tee offers a distinct and unique perspective. Yen Dung golf course spans a total area of 190 hectares and consists of 36 holes. Phase I includes 18 holes located on the Hillside, while Phase II features 18 holes in the Rock Valley. The longest hole is #18, measuring 617 yards, while the shortest hole is #13, spanning 177 yards (for the complete 18-hole course). Impressive Features of Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club include: Unique Stratified Topography: The course boasts unpredictable terrains with varying elevations. This distinctive feature creates spiral-like holes with twists, turns, and doglegs unique to Yen Dung Golf Course. Impressive Hole Design:. The hole resembles a turtle, with the green representing its shell and five bunkers symbolizing its head and feet. Number of Golf Holes: The golf course comprises 36 holes, with 18 holes located on the Hillside and another 18 in the Rock Valley section. Longest and Shortest Holes: The longest hole is #18, stretching 617 yards from the back tee, while the shortest hole is #13, covering 177 yards from the back tee.

Swings on Windy Mountain Top: One of the defining characteristics of Yen Dung Resort & Golf Course is the presence of strong winds, adding an extra challenge and excitement to the gameplay. Playing golf amidst mountainous surroundings and experiencing the forceful winds is truly exceptional. Admiring Picture of Northern Village: Yen Dung Golf Course is the only one in Vietnam that offers panoramic views of a serene northern village. Each hole presents varied landscapes, creating a continuous sense of novelty and delight for golfers. Visitors to Yen Dung Resort & Golf Club can also enjoy modern bungalows and villas located within the heart of the golf course, along with various amenities for enjoyment with partners and family.

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