Stone Valley Golf Resort

Outstanding characteristics

Stone Valley Golf Resort is a golf course consisting of 27 holes, which was created by Brian Curley from Schmidt-Curley Design. Situated approximately 65 kilometers away from Hanoi, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to travel from the city center to reach this golf course.

The site, spanning nearly 200 hectares, is situated in a region renowned for its river tours, which navigate through valleys surrounded by lush mountains. This location has also been used for filming movies like King Kong. Each hole on the site provides breathtaking views, and the closing holes offer stunning vistas of inland lakes that resemble Ha Long Bay. The putting greens are designed with impressive contours, such as slopes, ridges, bowls, and backstops, but they always have relatively flat areas where the flag can be placed.

These contours generally assist in guiding the balls towards the flag and create a sense of intimidation. The fairways often have areas that give the balls an extra kick, propelling them forward towards the greens. This feature makes longer holes appear shorter in terms of distance. The facilities at Stone Valley are top-notch, featuring a spacious clubhouse that offers a great view of the front nine holes and serves as the main gathering place. The locker rooms meet the expectations of a private members club. Restaurant does have a good supply of cold beers and Vietnamese delicacies.


Northern golf (27)

Central golf coast (12)

Southern golf courses (24)