Yen Bai Star Golf Course

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Outstanding characteristics

Yen Bai Star Golf Course has an area of 210 hectares and is a 27-hole golf course that meets international standards with a complex of golf courses, 5-star hotels, villas, golf practice houses, club buildings...

Yen Bai Golf Course is run by the Company. Yen Bai Star Golf Course CP is the investor, designed by Peter John Waddell, master of the golf course design world and constructed by Tan Minh company. Yen Bai Star Golf Course is located in a good location with many diverse vegetation such as palm hills, tea hills, cinnamon fields and is considered very convenient for implementing a form of golf combined with eco-tourism and tourism. The golf course faces the large water surface of Minh District Lake, creating an interesting feeling for players. Because of these favorable natural conditions, experts recommend preserving the natural landscape and preserving as much of the available vegetation as possible during the course's construction. Preserving natural elements will help Yen Bai Star Golf have unmistakable regional characteristics.

From the location of this golf course, players can easily practice and admire the majestic natural scenery with endless mountains and forests. The utility services here are also very diverse, helping players always have the best experience. From the golf course, golfers can admire the natural scenery with beautiful mountain ranges. The villa system is built along the golf course, with a mountainous terrain that does not affect the player's vision while hitting the ball. Yen Bai golf course is also oriented to be built according to the resort golf course model. Therefore, this will definitely be one of the ideal weekend destinations that is commendable for golfers.

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