Royal Long An Golf & Villas

Outstanding characteristics

Royal Long An Golf & Villas, created by renowned golfer Sir Nick Faldo, has finished its first phase and now offers 18 holes that meet international standards. In addition to providing a serene environment with stunning untouched landscapes, the golf course also meets all competition requirements and presents various exciting challenges.

This setting serves as an inspiration for athletes to push their limits in tournaments. Located 50km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, Royal Long An Golf & Villas guarantees a memorable experience for visitors. The harmony in the layout of golf holes and the terrain of rivers and lakes also creates a unique highlight for Royal Long An golf course. In addition, the fairway area is invested with Zeon Zoysia grass. This is one of the types of grass that helps you approach the ball better and is the top choice for the fairway area.

One of the outstanding features that cannot be ignored of Long An golf course is the impressive green area. The green at Long An golf course has a smooth grass surface and a stable rolling speed, creating a good feeling for players. Green hole number 4 is considered by many golfers to be the most impressive green. With an area of up to 1,771 square meters, this golf hole is an interesting challenge. The restaurant with a rich menu, serving famous dishes from many cuisines around the world will definitely satisfy the most demanding golfers. In particular, the restaurant area is also designed with a small bar with a luxurious and cozy style.

Northern golf (27)

Central golf coast (12)

Southern golf courses (24)