FLC Quang Binh

Outstanding characteristics

Ocean Dunes is the second course out of ten that were designed by Schmidt-Curley Design for the FLC Quang Binh Beach and Golf Resort near Dong Hoi, along the East Vietnam Sea.

While it shares a clubhouse with its sibling course, Forest Dunes, Ocean Dunes is located closer to the sea. The course is situated on a site that consists entirely of white sand and stretches for six kilometers along the coastline. It features prominent interior dunes that offer significant changes in elevation, reaching up to 40 meters. The Ocean Dunes Course incorporates the existing natural landscape to a large extent. The main focus of the course is on the beautiful views of the East Sea. The elevated tees and greens offer stunning ocean views from almost every hole. The firm fairways allow the ball to roll a long distance, which can be advantageous for scoring. The fairways are bordered by waste areas, but the absence of trees makes it challenging to make solid contact with the ball on the fluffy dunes.

The greens are spacious and frequently have large cut-outs in the middle. This design promotes effective drainage but requires careful reading of the greens to successfully complete the hole in two strokes or fewer. FLC Quang Binh Beach and Golf Resort offers a large and beautifully decorated clubhouse, as well as a luxurious resort. It is located within a golf destination that includes villas, beachfront accommodations, and conference facilities. While the town of Dong Hoi is close by, it is highly recommended for visitors to spend a few nights at the FLC Quang Binh Beach and Golf Resort.

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