Muong Thanh Xuan Thanh Golf Club

Outstanding characteristics

Muong Thanh Golf Club Xuan Thanh is situated in a good location that captures the refreshing sea breeze of Xuan Thanh. It offers a wide, picturesque view of the sea, complete with sandy beaches and windswept elements.

The club is conveniently located approximately 40km from both the center of Ha Tinh city and Vinh Nghe An street. It is also in close proximity to Vinh international airport, allowing for a quick one-hour flight from Hanoi. The golf course at Muong Thanh Golf Club Xuan Thanh features 18 holes with a standard of 72 clubs, spanning a total length of 6513 yards from the green tee. Its distinctive design incorporates a unique link-shaped terrain, characterized by moderate slopes and undulations amidst the sand dunes. This creates a visually appealing course layout, where the winding fairways seamlessly blend with the greens and bunkers. The overall beauty of Muong Thanh Golf Club Xuan Thanh is enhanced by its seaside location, which brings unpredictable wind directions and speeds. Each hole is meticulously crafted to provide golfers with thrilling challenges and unforgettable experiences.

Among the course's highlights is the par 4 3rd hole, stretching 296 yards in length. It presents numerous bunkers on the fairway and surrounding the multi-dimensional green, while a lake positioned in front of the green adds an additional challenge. Golfers must carefully calculate their shots to achieve favorable results on this hole. Another notable feature is Hole 9, a par 5 with a length of 568 yards. It is widely regarded as the most difficult hole on the course. The narrow and winding fairway, coupled with a sizable lake on the left, poses a significant challenge. Additionally, the sea's gusty winds demand that golfers adjust their strategies to achieve par on this hole.

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