Golf tourism

As 2025 will reach 200 golf courses and reaching 300,000 active golfer, expected by Nguyen Le Phuc-Vietnam national Administration of Tourism on VNAT/VIGTA 2022 conference.
According to Mr. Mike Sebastian, CEO of Asia Pacific Golf Group and the host of APGS 2022 Vietnam” There is no place in the world where golf development is as fast and synchronised as in Vietnam”

Around 170 golf travel companies from 40 member countries of IAGTO that are exploring the Asian market want to expand their business in Viet Nam, aiming to increase 50 percent of buyers for the Vietnamese market. The figure proves that the potential and opportunities for the development of golf tourism are huge.

The IAGTO said that golf tourists are known for their long stays and high expenditure, which is usually 2.2 times higher than spending by normal tourist on average. Therefore, golf tourism will become an effective market to attract international visitors, bringing sustainable and stable benefits to the “non-smoke industry” in Viet Nam.

However, this type of tourism is still new to Viet Nam. A lack of connection between travel companies and golf course owners had caused a low rate of golf tours. In addition, the service system for golf tourism lacks professionalism. Notably, the country has not organised any large-scale golf tournaments.

According to experts, in order to develop golf tourism, it is crucial to set appropriate strategies for synchronous investment in the field. In addition to the improvement of infrastructure and professionalism of the service staff, the links between travel companies and golf courses, as well as between golf courses in Viet Nam and in the region, should be enhanced to operate professional tours.

Last year, Australian professional golfer Greg Norman was selected as the ambassador for Vietnamese tourism in the golf field for the 2018-2021 tenure. This is the first time Viet Nam has a tourism ambassador in this field. With his popularity, Norman is expected to help promote Viet Nam’s golf tourism to international friends.