Vietnam golf team attending SEA Games 28: The hope from the youth

Vietnam golf team includes 5 members to attend SEA Games 28 held in Singapore, namely  Truong Chi Quan, Do Le Gia Dat, Nguyen Thao My, Ngo Bao Nghi and Tran Chieu Duong. These athletes compete in Male, Female and Female flight divisions. This is the first time Vietnam golf team attending SEA Games with such young golfers whose average age is just only 18.

Since the first participation in biggest playground in continental area in 1999, golf has always been the sport which can thoroughly promote the socialization. All participants have to pay the fees by themselves, including training one. Luckily, this year, Vietnam Golf Association supports a part of the fee for the athletes.

These 5 competitors are all oversea trained. Nguyen Thao My has a time studying in Thailand, Truong Chi Quan, Do Le Gia Dat, Tran Chieu Duong are in the United States. Especially, Ngo Bao Nghi has completed her course in the United States. They are at their young ages, and this brings a great hope for the future of Vietnam golf.

Truong Chi Quan was the champion of 2014 National Amateur Tournament whereas Do Le Gia Dat was the winner of 2013 National Championship. Young golfer coming from Hanoi, Nguyen Thao My is the champion of National Women Championship and Tran Chieu Duong who is as little as 15 years old was the runner-up in a national competition in 2013.

The SEA Games 28’s golf inaugurate takes place in 9th June with Personal and Male flight divisions. The venue was announced to be Sentosa Golf Club.