Zhuhai International Golf Club

Zhuhai Golf Club was established as the second golf course in China in 1985. With tall verdant trees along the fairways, the Club is located at the foot of mountains and facing the sea, and boasts beautiful environment. The golf course has flat fairways and well-equipped carts, and is the best choice of the persons who cherish health and nature. It is endowed with advantageous geographical location, and will have easier access to transportation after the building of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. The Pearl Land nearby is an ideal place for you family to spend spare time. In the Golf Villa Clubhouse affiliated to the Group, there are a restaurant offering delicious Japanese cuisine, a tennis court, a table tennis room and a large swimming pool, in which you will feel as if immersing in hot spring while bathing in sunshine. You will be refreshed and cheered up with our considerate service.

1.    Out of Bounds are defined by white stakes. 
2.    Lateral water hazards are defined by red stakes, and/or red lines .
3.    Ground Under Repair are defined by blue stakes,and/or white lines.
4.    It is forbidden for player who is playing the rounds to practice in or near the green where just finished.

5.   At the No2,4,6,7,13,16.Holes:if the ball goes into area surrounded with Lateral water hazards at the first stroke, then staring Playing 3 at the Dropping Area.
6.    Tree prop, Branch Line, Road for maintenance, Golf Cart Road, Drainage equipment and flower bed etc.are fixed obstructions and is not allowed to move.
7.    Stones in the bunker are movable obstruction.
8.    Any Revision and supplement of local rules will be posted in our Club house with immediate effected.


In the absence of special rules, two-ball match should have precedence over and to pass any three or four-ball match, which should invite them through.A single player has no standing and should give way to a match of any kind.Any match playing a whole round is entitled to pass a match playing a shorter round.