Lake Como

Golf at Lake Como



Someone wants to spend some time on Lake Como in order to follow the paths of famous movie stars, looking for the locations of “Star Wars” or “007 – Casino Royale”; someone wants to go for a ride instead, trying to imitate the great champions of cycling. Someone chooses to play golf in one of the 6 exclusive greens of the province, someone else wants to deeply “live” the nature,respecting the environment and choosing sustainable and zero impact accommodations and tasting local food and wine. Someone loves water sports, sailing the lake in a windy day, while someone prefers to enjoy and relaxing walk with the whole family far away from traffic jams, or to savor the peace of the waters and the beauty of the banks during a relaxing boat ride. Someone may desire to re-experience the outstanding phases of the prehistoric settlements and someone else may be more interested in the circumstances of the Second World War, choosing to retrace the last moments of Benito Mussolini’s life, before his final capture and killing. Someone prefers to organize a romantic weekend between villas and beautiful gardens or to be part of an exclusive event in a groundbreaking convention center, either for work or for pleasure, with a breathtaking view and a unique atmosphere. Everybody has his own “reason why” to choose the province of Como and its lake: a place rich in variety and elegance, precious landscapes, nature and urban settlements. From snowcapped mountains to the lake, from natural reserves in the North to ski slopes in the South, from the wild Alpine valleys to the industrialized urban areas, from little villages of just a few houses down to the refined city of Como; in few kilometers you will find everything you wish for, in a richness that makes our territory “A World Within A World”.

Italian cuisine is really a collection of regional cuisines, each having their own distinct character and principle ingredients. When traveling in Italy, you may notice that the geography often influences the local specialty. Mountainous regions like Piedmont are known for their prized cheeses. On the plains of Emilia-Romano you’ll find such well known Bolognese dishes as tortellini and lasagna. On the coast, seafood like shrimp, anchovies and squid are more common and are often accompanied by risotto or spicy tomato sauces.

The province of Como runs along the whole of the western shore of Lake Como and includes the triangle territory between the two arms of the lake. Though the area is quite small and compact, in few other places you can find such a variety of environments, panoramic viewpoints and settlements. In just a few kilometers, you can easily pass from the city center to the wilderness, finding out a preciousness that we might describe as a distillation of Northern Italy. In the whole of the mountain region, and above all in the Upper Lake area, one finds entire valleys with practically no sign of the presence of man and where the natural beauty is on a level with the most famous national parks; also, the fauna both of the mountains and of the lake is prosperous and flourish. The heart of the Lower Lake is the city of Como, marked out for elegance and beauty. The sub continental climate contributes to make our area enjoyable all through the year. Welcome to Como! A precious territory, which lies between history and innovation, tradition and future, sport and relaxation, breathtaking glimpses and artistic beauties. This unique atmosphere will show you a world to be fully discovered and lived.

The beautiful area of Lake Como is enriched by 6 prestigious golf courses and is the ideal place for keen golfers. This is the perfect occasion for a magical golfing holiday amongst the spectacular, established courses scattered over the hillsides above Lake Como, maybe staying in a high-end accommodation and enjoying the fascinating lake with its traditions and landscapes.