JG Golf Championship 2018


Warmest welcome all golfers participating in the “JG GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP 2018”  The Organisation Committee wishes to get all golfers’s co-operation to make sure that the tournament will not be prolonged and the time to finish 18-holes is 4 hours 20 minutes. All golfers must be at the starting point for at least 15 minutes before the tournament took place to hear the announcement of the award.​

  1. Venue:                           BRG King Island Golf Resort Hanoi
  2. Tee off time :                12:30 Shotgun 
  3. Paricipant:                    144-288 Golfer
  4. Tournament Rules:      Tournamnet will be based on the rules of R&A ( USGA)
  5. Format couting :          Stroke Play
  6. Termination:
  • The Organizing will base on the registered Handicap to divide division for all players.
  • Gross Score: The winner is the person with the lowest gross score. In case of golfers with the same score Gross, organizers will apply counting method "count down" calculation of the total score of 9 holes (10-18 hole).
  • Score after deduction Handicap (Net Score): The winner of each dividion is the person with the lowest net score. In the case of a player with the same net score, a lower Handicap Player will be winner. In case of equal Net and Handicap scores, the organizers will apply the "countdown" method to calculate the total score of 9 holes (from 10-18 holes)


The Hole- In One

Only for the first winner and one who can win the HIO in many different holes.

The winners of the above prizes shall be responsible for paying taxes and fees as prescribed (if any).

Sign and Submit Score-cards

All golfers must exchange points for each other (cross-over) and return after the end of the full signature of the players and markers, and return to the organizer after finishing 18 holes within 15 minutes.

The official handicap of the golfer must be recorded on the scorecard of the day for the organizer to be scored.

Caddies are not allowed to write on the scoreboard or sign on the scoresheet as a scorer.

Enter the total net score for each hole on the scorecard, without scoring over 1,2,3 ....

Written scores for errors or erasure will be rejected.

Disputes and doubtful issues

In the event of a dispute, the golfers have the right to hit the ball and declare the ball to be counted, reserve their result and REQUIRED to notify the referee at the end of the round. The Organizer will only deal with the dispute, score a complaint before the 15 minute award ceremony and will not be responsible for explanations after the end of the golf tournament.