Mayland Lake International CC

China Mayland to "eco-city" concept, to build "an area three towns eight garden" open pattern, perfect realization of the balance of nature and urban life, for people to bring new forms of urban living experience. An area that included Spain and Southern California and other diversified international style villa, including plus islands, Napa Valley Manor, golden valley, Palm Bay.

Three towns, namely Prince mountain town, Lingnan Town and idyllic town, take advantage of the three town urban ecology 8,000 acres of the three lakes, 30,000 acres of forests and other natural resources of Prince mountains, creating ecological habitat of native integration between hills .

The eight parks are theme park hotel, spa water park, leisure and shopping park, golf leisure sports parks, health care campus, international education park, Creative Industry Park, Creative agro-ecological park.
Eight industrial park covers a variety of forms of business services, tourism, education, industry, ecology and agriculture, but also for people with a wealth of sophisticated living facilities allow owners to enjoy the natural environment, while native, feel colorful urban life.

Mayland Lake International Country Club Designed by the famous American JMP Group to build, with multiple practice greens, the first to introduce Hawaii seashore paspalum 2000 (SeaIsle2000). Undulating green, the filling of Southern California style.Merrill Lake Golf Training Course has 60 playing position, but also has a cafe, schools and eight VIP rooms.

Known as the training ground has been awarded the global construction industry, said the American Academy of the Pacific PCBC "Nugget Award" nomination, called one of Asia's top training ground. Guangdong Province leisure sports training base base has tennis, badminton training base, table tennis training base, training base volleyball, basketball training base, swimming training base, chess training base and fishing base, facilities, fitness and recreation is a great place.

The Mayland Hot Spring Resort Guangzhou comprises 248 luxurious guest rooms and noble elegant suites; a distinctive Mediterranean style is evident throughout the resort. There are also several separate villas with scenery of both lakeside and mountain. Delicacies from exclusive chefs and attentive services of butlers are provided. Facing the water with a splendid view of the mountains in the back, the guest rooms are cozy and comfortable with 50-70 square meters of living space; the suites are more spacious and ranging from 80-150 square meters. Supporting facilities from business to leisure are available to cater to your every need and desire.