Dragon Lake Golf Club

Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club is one of the top ten golf clubs in China. The club has a 54-hole golf course including 27 holes Asian Games Courseand 27 holes King Course. Asian Games Course is a personal membership course, adapting well to the natural landform, with the landscape of the half lake and the other half hills. King Course is the most challenging mountain golf course of Asia with top-class lake view, famous for its steep fairway and beautiful scenery. The club has attracted tens of thousands of golfers at home and from Korea, Japan and other European countries. As one of the” Top Ten Golf Clubs in China”, Guangzhou Dragon Lake Golf Club is the venue of the 16th Asian Games Golf Competition. Since the start of its business, the club has held a number of major international and domestic professional events successfully, including the 16th Asian Games Golf Championship, China Golf Tour, the Aaron Baddeley World Junior Championship. Meanwhile, the club has got dozens of honors such as “China 18 Signature Holes”, “Top Ten Golf Course Design in China” and “Top Ten Golf Course Quality in China”.

The Asian Games Course:

The Asian Games course funded by Hong Kong Golden Horse Group is located in the Dragon Lake Resort, a national AAAA scenic zone, surrounded by 2.5 km2 of lake surface and mountains stretching for tens of kilometers, only 15 minutes’ drive from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and about 35 minutes’ drive from downtown Guangzhou, boasting an advantaged geographic location, convenient traffic and picturesque natural landscape.

The Asian Games Course was designed by Davidson Golf Design Limited based in Canada. The fairway adapts well to the natural landform and provides a return to real nature. Half of the landscape is made up of the lake and the other half of mountains. Built in strict accordance with international standards, the whole course integrates the natural lake and valleys ingeniously.

  • Zone A—The primitive landform and lush litchi forest have been preserved for the 9 holes, and the natural lake view is borrowed ingeniously to create this lake course. When you play here, you will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and have surprises from golfing.
  • Zone B—This 9-hole forest-style mountain course is located on fluctuating mountains. The fairway crosses mountains and gullies, and is extremely challenging.
  • Zone C—9-hole lighting course combines the open lake course of Zone A and the steep mountain course of Zone B into an elegant transition. It is positioned as the best equipped and most challenging lighting course in southernChina, and employs a world-class lighting system that overcomes such disadvantages of light diffusion, dazzle and stiff turf found in domestic lighting courses. It is a special pleasure to hit the white ball into the dark sky in the night breeze.

Dragon Lake King Course:

The King Course boasts a clubhouse of its namesake, a 15,000㎡ high-end venue with comprehensive facilities, including a luxury hotel, upscale Chinese and Western restaurants, a SPA, a banquet hall, a red white pub, golf franchise shops, a golf training center and a golf driving range, integrating the functions of sports, entertainment, meeting, catering and shopping.

The construction of the King Club resembles a European castle of the Tuscan style. It served as the press center for the 16th Asian Games Golf Competition in 2010. The first floor has a reception desk, a buffet restaurant and a coffee shop. The B1 floor is equipped with locker rooms, the starter, a 400 ㎡ banquet hall and a 200 ㎡ golf franchise shop. The male locker room has 20 cubicles, including two VIP ones, with a total of 445 lockers. The female locker room has 52 lockers. The B2 floor includes staff quarters and a parking lot. B3 and B4 floors are for office purposes. 

The Dragon Lake King Course served as the stand-by venue for the 16th Asian Games Golf Competition. Construction began in early 2008 and trial operation started on July 28, 2011. Covering an area of 1.3 million ㎡, it is a  27-hole golf course, with a total length of 10,671 yards, par 108. Integrating landscape, challenges and fun, it is a rare golf course across China and even Asian.

The course was designed by the IMG, the global leader in sports,fashion and media. All the holes are topographically compatible, snaking along green hills, jumping over lake waters, spanning across mountain streams or looking over deep valleys, which makes the course obviously daunting, beautiful and challenging at the same time. It can be said that each step is accompanied with both scenery and adventure. Here one player can only have one cart, which is not common for golf courses inChina.

The highest tee of the King course is 320 meters above sea level, with a drop height of up to 220 meters for the fairways. Looking afar at the hills endows a feeling of heroism and grandeur. Every element of the beautiful landscape, including the hills and the lake in the clouds, the mist or the rising sun, can be fully appreciated as that of a wonderful water painting. The fairways are steep and narrow and can extend up to 650 yards. In that case, it needs to serve over 200 yards for the ball to get across the valley and land onto the fairway. Perfect precision is required for the falling point. The greens are tricky, faster and have more grain. The putting route is difficult to identify, due to the hidden traps here and there. The putting direction can be easily affected by the perennial mountain wind, which is an extreme test of the golfers' psychological and technical expertise.