Golfing Destination

Vietnam is home to a population of 96 million; the country's outstanding economic boom in South East Asia has sparked a significant increase in the demand of golf tourism among foreign golfers and Vietnamese golfers. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing destinations in Asia. There are 43 existing course in the country and it’s expecting to reach 96 by year 2020. Many aspect of golf etiquette here are unique and are strongly characterized by the country’s culture and customs.

China golfing is a growing industry, with numerous golf courses being established, especially in the province of Hainan. There are around 358,000 core players (Aged over 18 and play more than 8 rounds a year) among Chinese population, That figure is projected to grow to about 20 million by 2020. Golf is considered to be prohibitively expensive. However, it is seen as the top recreational sport for business people and officials. In 2004. Only 170 courses existed. By 2009 there were almost 600.The sport attracts both foreign investment and overseas golfers, who come from such countries as South Korea, Australia, and Japan for the relatively inexpensive fees.

Malaysia famous City Golfing, Tropical Island & Highlands Golfing with over 200 great golf courses throughout the country, you can't go wrong when choosing your Malaysia golf destination.  Malaysia golf courses and resorts can be found high in the mountains, along the seashore, on tropical islands, amidst towering rain forests and in the heart of the cities, making a Malaysia Golf Holiday great for the family, golfing friends or group.

Thailand lies at the heart of Southeast Asia famous with namely: The Exotic Kingdom. The Capital city, Bangkok for everyone in the city life with steamy, cosmopolitan, from ancient temple, kickboxing, Thai massage, best cuisine and nightlife. Thailand is divided into four natural regions: mountains, plains, plateux and the peninsula, meet to create a deliciously exciting golfers paradise. Thailand Golf Association established since year 1964 and records that currently have more than 200 golf courses with 18-holes & 36-holes fascilities in nationwide.

Indonesia, Almost 18,000 island make up the country of Indonesia and the island of Java, is one of the most populated regions in the world. With more than 150 golfs courses to choose from Indonesia is also a heavenly place for golfer. Many of golf course are world-class with the majority of foreign golfers heading for the tropical island of Bali where there are five very good 9-holes and 18-holes layouts, including the glorious Greg Norman layout Nirwana Bali Golf Club are one of the best golf course in Indonesia.

Italy as an upcoming a new and innovative golf destination, they are famous with namely: Pizza, Pasta, Parmesan, Piazza, Prosecco, Piaggo, Ferrari, Ducati and Flat, all these symbols are synonymous with the stylish Italia culture. They have 250 golf courses, golfing Italy are more than a century history was since in 1889, England colony of Florence founded the Florence Golf Club are the first Italia Golf Club. Golf In Italy with mild climate, you may play golf all the year round, and the locations of the various golf courses offered allow you the chance to visit some of the most wonderful cities of art and taste the various regional dishes